Putting Yourself First

Using Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to Reconnect with Yourself

For must of us, as we grow up we are taught to be kind and respectful of others.  We learn to share, to be selfless instead of selfish, and to be considerate of those around us.

This is all good advice, for very self-evident reasons.  We thrive when we contribute beyond ourselves, and when we cooperate with others.  We are happier, more productive, more successful and more inspired when we feel as though we are part of a collective, as opposed to being by ourselves.Putting Yourself First

However, there is a saying that goes “too good is no good”.  And it definitely applies in the context of helping others.

We all know someone – and perhaps you are such a ‘someone’ – who is such a tremendous ‘giver’ that this becomes his or her top priority.  This is often the case with parents – especially mothers – who give so much to their children and family that they begin to neglect themselves.  They no longer find enough time or energy to take care of themselves, because they are continuously focused on others.

And then what happens?  The ‘giver’ will inevitably start to burn out.  They become drained – physically and spiritually – because they’ve been neglecting their own needs.  They often feel a sense of being ‘disconnected’ from themselves – because they are.  They’ve been spending too much time looking outward, and not enough time focusing inward.

People who are such tremendous ‘givers’ will typically justify this pattern of behavior by explaining that “Well, I just love my (kids/spouse/pet turtle) so much that I really don’t mind doing all the things I do”.

This line of reasoning is understandable.  But it is also flawed.

If your loved ones – kids, partner or anyone else – love you as much as you love them, then they want the best for you.  Just like you want the best for them.  And if you are neglecting your own needs and burning yourself out by ‘giving’ too much, then you are not taking care of yourself.  And your loved ones will not be happy.

personal developmentSo, in short, if you really care for your loved ones…then care for yourself.  It’s a win-win.  If you’re happy, they’re happy.

All too often I deal with clients who have become a martyr to their cause of caring for others.  It has caused them to become disconnected from themselves, and in some cases miserable or even bitter.

Where is most of your energy and focus going these days?  Are you spending any time tending your own garden, or are you too busy helping others with theirs?

Hypnosis, and hypnotherapy, is a tremendously powerful and wonderful tool that can help you re-connect with yourself.  It allows you to give yourself the time, attention and care that you most certainly deserve.

Check it out.  If you don’t want to do it for yourself, then do it for the ones you love.


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