Cure Phobias

Cure Phobias with Hypnotherapy

Phobias are irrational fears.  Is the spider really that scary?  Is the plane really likely to crash?  No.  And yet the feeling of terror that can be associated with these things or situations is very very real.

So, if you have a phobia of something, why can’t you just ‘get over it’?  The answer is because the fear is being triggered by a memory and association lodged firmly in the subconscious mind.  It’s not something you likely consciously remember or understand.  It doesn’t seem to make sense, which is why phobias can be so frustrating.

How can hypnotherapy help you cure phobias?

Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we can safely access the memories and emotions that are linked to the phobia you are experiencing.  This allows us to understand where it’s coming from, how it started, and – most importantly – how to eliminate it.

Seem hard to believe? Well, that’s the power of hypnosis.  Your subconscious mind is very much running your life, and by accessing it we can make fundamental life changes.

We have worked with with clients to cure many phobias, such as a fear of:

  • flying
  • spiders / snakes
  • closed spaces
  • heights
  • thunder & lightning
  • crowds
  • needles / injections / dentists
  • germs / dirt
  • the dark
  • water

There are many kinds of phobias – but the feeling is always the same: massive, irrational fear.  If a phobia has been affecting you, and you’ve had enough of it, contact us to see how hypnotherapy can help.

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What Fear Would You Like to Release?

What Fear Would You Like to Release?

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