Hypnosis: Changing Your Life From the Inside Out

Changing Your Life From the Inside Out With Hypnosis

Why do we do what we do?  Why do we think what we think? And feel what we feel?

More importantly, how can we change these patterns if they’re not serving us?

There is a growing field of research and literature that is shedding light on these very important questions, and it ties in directly to the power of hypnosis.

This is the realm of epigenetics (‘external to/above genetics’) and neuroplasticity.

While these fancy scientific terms may sound complex, the basic principles underlying them are quite easy to understand, and are explained particularly well by Dr. Joe Dispenza in the video below.  His lecture is an introduction to the concepts he presents in his book, called ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’ – a fantastic read.Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Dr. Dispenza explains that the way you think, act and feel are what combine to form your personality – and this, in turn, creates your reality.

When you live in the same, routine environment, you are prone to experiencing the same thoughts, actions and feelings – so your personality stays the same.

We become caught up in a cycle.  It’s our own personal Ground Hog Day.

Over time, we become conditioned to this mind-body cycle, and a habit is formed.

Habits are in the realm of the subconscious – the part of the mind that allows us to think/act/feel without being consciously aware.

Dr. Dispenza points out that “95% of who you are, by the time you’re 35 years old, is a set of memorized behaviors”.  These are habits engrained in the subconscious.

So if you ever make up your mind to try and change a behavior in your life, “5% of your conscious mind begins to work against 95% of what you’ve memorized”.

And the subconscious wins.

To break this cycle, therefore, you need to think greater than your environment, and this will allow your personality to shift.

Neuroscience reinforces that this is possible.  New thoughts and feelings create new neural connections in the brain.  As Dr. Dispenza explains, “nerve cells that fire together, wire together”.

As they wire together, they fire more readily and easily – and this reinforces the way you are prone to thinking/feeling/acting – your personality.

The secret is to experience new thoughts, acts and feelings in your mind before they actually happen in reality.  In doing so, you create a new reality and a new identity.

This is where hypnosis comes in.  Dr. Dispenza refers to the process simply as meditation, but the concept is the same.  Through a process of focused concentration, using self-hypnosis/meditation – or with a hypnotherapist – you can tap into your brain’s amazing ability to visualize and rehearse positive thoughts, actions and feelings.

The more they are experienced, the more you are able to forge new connections in the brain.

Change your brain, change your reality.

All with the power of hypnosis.

Check out the video below to understand how you can begin to change your life from the inside out.


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