“I wish it was possible to measure all the happiness that you gave me this past year.  Thank you for all your incredible dedication.  Thank you for giving me strength during the most difficult chapter of my life.  May all these millions of pounds of happiness come back to you and your family!

– Regina

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing work that you have done in just two sessions.  I never thought it would be possible to accomplish so much in such little time.  You’ve helped me move closer in finding my true self and to find that inner strength that I had lost recently.

– Joe

“Ryan has such a unique style!  He has the ability to know just the right balance of humour and hypnotherapy talent to create a fantastically healing atmosphere.  He has the gift of eloquence which enables him to speak anyone’s ‘language’.  He gets in there…he gets the job done!  Thank you Ryan, I gladly and happily recommend you to everyone!”

– Leah

“I was blown away by the hypnotherapy sessions I had with Ryan. I had no idea it was possible to go back to the root of sadness or persistent feelings of inadequacy, and relive and release those early situations. In certain cases my whole body clenched up, but with Ryan’s smooth guidance, I never felt panicked —  it was just very interesting. I trust Ryan completely and feel that his work is essential for people who are looking for quick, deep and lasting results.”

– Tim H.

“I had heard all the “hypnosis stories” before I found enough courage to try my first session. I was prepared to reach the “deep sleep” at the tic-tac of a watch or to jump up off my chair and bat my arms like chicken wings. None of these things happened!

While you are still awake but in a total relaxation mode that Ryan settles you in with his beautiful voice, your subconscious mind, guided by Ryan, takes you to different levels, totally forgotten but stuck deep down in your behaviour.  With Ryan’s help I found my best friends (my own self at 5 y.o and 10 y.o) that were always with me, unnoticed and loyal. Ryan showed me the true ways of healing, forgiving and loving. Becoming stronger.

Ryan takes me to a different level of meditation that I have never been able to reach on my own. He shows me clearly the path of the true life: peace in your heart and mind.

Ryan’s guidance is unique and humble. If anyone would be open to learn more about themselves and try one of Ryan’s sessions, the whole world would become a better place, starting with YOU.”

–  Adriana

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