Putting Yourself First

Using Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to Reconnect with Yourself

For must of us, as we grow up we are taught to be kind and respectful of others.  We learn to share, to be selfless instead of selfish, and to be considerate of those around us.

This is all good advice, for very self-evident reasons.  We thrive when we contribute beyond ourselves, and when we cooperate with others.  We are happier, more productive, more successful and more inspired when we feel as ...

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Using Hypnosis to Follow Your Heart

Hypnotherapy, Happiness and How to Follow Your Heart

We all want to be happy.

And to be happy we need to grow.  Otherwise we stagnate and die.

In order to grow we need to constantly learn, create and contribute in some fashion.

And for this to happen we need to be motivated.

Motivation comes from two potential sources – either inspiration or desperation.


When we are desperate, we are capable of taking tremendous action. ...

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Hypnosis for Stress reduction: What’s Your Recipe for Stress?

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.    –  Chinese Proverb

Stress gets a seriously bad rap.  Everyone loves to hate it.  It’s like Justin Bieber (I’m just echoing the masses), or, brussel sprouts.  When clients talk to me about issues in their life more often than not the repugnant ‘S’ word comes up, usually uttered with a wrinkled brow and a woe-is-me frown.

I feel a little bad for ...

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