Are you a Victim or a Volunteer? : The Hypnotic Power of Storytelling

Once Upon a Time…

You can probably relate to the experience of coming home from a vacation and, when asked by friends and family members ‘How was your trip?’, finding yourself repeating the same details over and over and over again.  In essence, you condense the event into a tidy little story. 

This story – and all of the images, words, ...

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The Secret Power of Pain and Pleasure

What makes you happy?

You might think that’s a relatively easy question to answer.  “A long-weekend, a DVD Box set of HBO’s latest smutfest, a 4 liter tub of Rocky Mudpie Brownie Cluster Chunky Chocolate Fudge Slide, and someone to share it all with!”

Actually, that sounds like a pretty good answer…

However, while that might keep you happy for a short while, in the longer term we need something else… something a bit more general.

And that is progress.

We need to be growing ...

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The Money Mindset: Conditioning Yourself for Wealth with Hypnosis

The Money Mindset

We all love money on some level, but what does this have to do with hypnosis and hypnotherapy?  I’ll let Anthony Robbins answer that:

“All wealth begins and ends in the mind.  If you do not have enough money in your life there is one – and only one – primary reason: you have not conditioned yourself for wealth.” – Tony Robbins

Okay, great.  So how does one get conditioned for ...

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