Using Hypnosis to Follow Your Heart

Hypnotherapy, Happiness and How to Follow Your Heart

We all want to be happy.

And to be happy we need to grow.  Otherwise we stagnate and die.

In order to grow we need to constantly learn, create and contribute in some fashion.

And for this to happen we need to be motivated.

Motivation comes from two potential sources – either inspiration or desperation.


When we are desperate, we are capable of taking tremendous action.  We are willing to do whatever it takes to eliminate the pain that is underlying our desperation.  This is a good thing as it helps us get through tough times. Great.

However, when that pain starts to fade, and we become less desperate, our motivation wanes.  We take less action, start to stagnate, and pretty soon start to feel like we’re slowly dying inside.  Because we are.

The best example of this, which many people can relate to, is with careers.  Take ‘Joe’, for example.  Joe was young and broke and desperate for cash.  He ended up taking a relatively lousy (but ‘not horrible’)  job at Sprockets R Us because it paid the bills.  He worked there for awhile, always knowing it was temporary because he had big plans to do other things – maybe open his own business.  He just had to save some cash.

The years tick by, Joe gets promoted further up the chain, is offered more and more perks, and gets more and more entrenched in his comfortable routine.  Sure, the job is sill relatively lousy (but ‘not horrible’)…but, you know, he gets access to the corporate gym…and enjoys Free Donut Fridays…and, uh, every summer there’s a fun staff BBQ…so, that’s pretty good.

Pretty soon Joe’s dreams start to fade.  They’re written off as foolish ideas of youth and Joe tries not to think of them anymore, lest they begin to sour the taste of his Free Friday Donuts.  But while his dreams may have faded from his mind, they have not faded from his heart.  In fact, there is a little voice from his heart, reenforced by an ever-present veil of sadness, which constantly reminds him that by ignoring his dreams he is slowly dying inside…

Desperation is a great motivator in the short term, but in the long term it will kill you from the inside out. Don’t take my word for it, ask Joe.


find your inspiration with hypnotherapyWhen we listen to that little voice in our heart, we begin to tap into our power of inspiration.  And this power has no limit.  We all know this.  When we love what we do – when we are PASSIONATE about something – we are on top of the world.  We are in the zone, tapping into our talents, our creativity, our imagination, and our innate desire to create and contribute.  We are thriving!  Whatever we are doing is not work.  We do it because we love it! It fills us up and allows us to experience our fullest potential!

And this is what makes us happy.

Does this mean that anyone currently working a job which isn’t their total dream job should abandon it and follow their heart?  Of course not.  There are other life practicalities that inevitably must be considered.

Fear, however, is not one of them.  Nor is laziness.

lwylAnd even if you do feel compelled to stick with a less-than-fantastic job, there remain other outlets for pursuing what inspires you.  It is incredibly crucial that these be explored.  Are you a receptionist instead of a rock star?  Fine.  Dust off your guitar, find some kindred musical souls, and rock it out in the garage on the weekend.

Listen to your heart.  Everything it is trying to tell you will serve you.  It is your source of inspiration…and your source of happiness.

What is the best and easiest way to listen to your heart, you ask?

Why, by quieting that noisy mind of yours so that you can go within.

Hypnosis, and hypnotherapy, can help you do just that.

What is your heart telling you?

Below are a couple poignant videos to consider.    (images link to videos)

Follow your heart

up in the air


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