How to Eliminate Self-Sabotage with Hypnotherapy

Have You Self-Sabotaged Your Goals for the Year Yet?

It’s not too late to stay on track.

Even if you don’t even have any new goals, knowing in your heart of hearts that you would not keep them anyway, and wanting to avoid failing yet-again.

What a load of nonsense and you know it.

But is it not too late.  You can do it now, today, and create your target, stay on course and hit your target.  You can crush self-sabotage and here is how and why.

We have a powerful need within us to be CONSISTENT WITH OUR IDENTITY.  So we are not going to change and keep the change until we change our identity by enhancing or enlarging it in some part.  He says we do this by stepping up, setting a new standard of who we must become, and performing daily intense RITUALS to re-wire the new standard into our subconscious, so that is who we now are.  It is great stuff.

What’s Your True Identity?

If you experience our methods in hypnotherapy, you will quickly get rid of the emotional blocks and old baggage which form part of your identity which is not serving you. The part you want to dislodge.  You consciously cannot access these:  they are buried in your subconscious which stores the memory and emotions from all your past events in your life.

A short example will illustrate self-sabotage that you cannot control and how it can be eliminated in three quick sessions.

Client Case (all references to identify the client have been removed):  the client, female, 45, was overweight and a smoker.  These were some obvious symptoms to be relieved, but in trance the client identified her source of unhappiness as not feeling very close to my daughters.  She felt nothing, numb.   When she was 3 her mom was mad at her and so she was hiding in the back yard and built a fort (imaginary in her own mind) around her so mom could not get in and hurt her (with words and anger, not physical hitting).  And for all the years following – over 40 years -, not only mom, but no person’s feelings could penetrate the fort she had when 3, 13, 27, 35 and now.  And, sadly, she could not let her feelings get out of the fort.  All her feelings of love for her daughters were trapped inside.  This was part of her IDENTITY:  no one could get in because they may hurt me.  I am safe and protected from the world, but I cannot express my feelings out in the world.  Safe, and numb.

Resolution:  In trance she chose to solve her problem by blowing up all her forts at ages 3, 13, 27, 35 and now, thus making a permanent change to her IDENTITY at the subconscious level.dynamite

Before:  She was trapped.  No matter what she said or did consciously to try to open up to others, no matter how much she wished it and willed it, it was denied by the subconscious which was being CONSISTENT with its IDENTITY to protect her.

After:   She was free to give love and to receive love.  It doesn’t get more powerful than that.  And she subsequently introduced one of her daughters, who said:  ‘Thanks for giving us our Mom back!’

Why is it so effective?  The client identifies her issue and provides her solution so it is perfect every time.  She is in a trance and she is in control of her session. There are no self-talk, editors or filters getting in the way of her search for happy solutions to what is truly bothering her.

Session 1:     experience hypnosis so you will know it is a state of awareness, focus and concentration, not dozing off, not spilling the family secrets if you don’t want to, and to know that you are in a state of trance.  This is not meditation.

Session 2:     the deeper working session, resulting in resolution, lightness and ease

Session 3:     the balancing session, since underneath the main issue, there are sometimes other issues which can now surface to be dealt with, like layers in an onion.

We welcome you when you are ready to free your true IDENTITY.


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